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Personalized front of your bed

Create something unique!

It is now possible to design a completely custom front for your closet bed. This way you really create something unique that no one else has. A folding bed that completely suits your interior design needs.

How do I apply for this?

First, place a regular order through our website. Then fill out the form on this page. We pick up the rest!

What exactly is it?

The supplied photo is printed on high-quality Drytec film with laminate and then adhered to the front. This film is only available in matte finish.

What are the prices?

80×200 cm Euro 249,-
90×200 cm Euro 275, –
120×200 cm Euro 349,-
140×200 cm Euro 375,-
160×200 cm Euro 495,-
180×200 cm Euro 549,-

Delivery specifications of the photo?

A photo file should be at least 4500x 4500 pixels.

If you don’t have your own photo you can pick one at
. We then download the photo before making the print and charge 30 euros for the photo license fee through the invoice. It is important that you report the ID number of the photo to us.

What is the delivery time?

We do our best to have the requested print go with the regular order.

Order your unique front here

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