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Buy Murphy bed?

Want to buy a durable murphy bed? Each of our murphy beds is craftily produced from solid wood in Holland and from sustainable materials. Read more about our sustainable folding beds below or go directly to our webshop.

Murphy bed: the perfect solution for a small space

A Murphy bed, also known as a folding bed or wall bed, is the ideal solution for people who live in small apartments or rooms where space is limited. It is a smart and versatile piece of furniture that frees up living space when not in use. The bed can be mounted to any wall and can be easily folded when not needed.

A Murphy bed is not only functional, but also stylish. The bed is available in a variety of sizes and styles to match any decor. Whether you are looking for a modern or classic design, there is always a Murphy bed to suit your taste and style.

One of the biggest advantages of a Murphy bed is the extra space you have left in your room. When you fold up the bed, you suddenly have much more space to move around and enjoy your living space. This is especially useful for people who like to work or entertain in their rooms.

Another advantage of a Murphy bed is its ability to be used as a multipurpose piece of furniture. The bed can be equipped with additional storage such as shelves or cabinets to save even more space and keep your room tidy. The bed can also be integrated into a closet or workstation, depending on your specific needs.

Essentially, a Murphy bed offers functionality and versatility in a compact and stylish package. It is an ideal solution for people who want to maximize their limited space without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. If you’re looking for a way to optimize your small room or apartment, definitely consider a Murphy bed.

Advantages durable material in solid wood

The folding beds from are sturdy and durable. With our folding beds, you’re going for a bed that’s sturdy, will last for years, and also helps you contribute to a greener world. In fact, all materials are fully recyclable and made from natural materials. We also do not apply chemical adhesives when assembling the beds.

Our durable beds are made of solid pine. This is super tough, but also very durable. Wood as a raw material is sustainable because trees can be harvested after 20 to 120 years. Thus, it is a renewable source of raw materials. Moreover, it is a beautiful material that will give your bed a sturdy and natural look.

Locally produced and transported

All our folding beds are handcrafted in our workshop in Emmeloord. This is many times more environmentally friendly than products produced abroad and transported to the Netherlands. Transportation from abroad (sometimes even from other continents, think products from China) is a hugely polluting and energy-consuming process. Because our sustainable beds are simply made in the Netherlands, they don’t have to travel around the world to end up in your bedroom, guest room or study. By the way, we deliver not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and the border area with Germany.folding bed


Murphy bed


80×200 cm Euro 999,-
90×200 cm Euro 999,-
120×200 cm Euro 1099,-
140×200 cm Euro 1199,-
160×200 cm Euro 1399,-
180×200 cm Euro 1499,-


Murphy bed




90×200 cm      Euro 999,-
120×200 cm     Euro 1099,-
140×200 cm     Euro 1199,-
160×200 cm     Euro 1399.
180×200 cm     Euro 1499.

Sustainable wallbed something for you?

A murphy bed has many advantages. It is basically an “ordinary” bed with slatted base, so it sleeps very comfortably. This is ideal if you are hosting guests or want to sleep on it yourself. Moreover, our folding beds are available in six different sizes and in eight different colors. The bed accommodates a 28 cm thick mattress, which guarantees even better sleeping comfort.

Home delivery as a kit

Our beds are delivered to your home as a kit. You don’t need to have studied architecture to put it together: compare it to a package from IKEA. Well not a murphy bed Ikea kit but similar to a PAX closet.
All parts are delivered to size and all you have to do is assemble them correctly.

By the way, if you really have two huge left hands and don’t see the need for assembly, you can also choose to have us assemble the bed on site, including mounting it to the wall. That costs an additional €349.

Are you going for a durable murphy bed?

Choose consciously and go for a folding bed from Our beds are a durable choice and also guarantee quality that will last for years. We make our own beds in the size as murphy bed 160x200cm or murphy bed 180x200cm. Beautifully large and comfortable! A murphy bed with bench or murphy bed kit as separate we unfortunately do not sell. Want to know more first? Check out our other blogs.

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